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State of the Air report indicates a rise in population living in unhealthy air

147.6 million people live in areas where air quality remains unhealthy, almost 16 million more than the 2013 report. Los Angeles had 120 days of air quality that exceeded government standards. As temperatures rise, we will also see a rise in ozone pollution and dangerous levels of toxic gas.


Paris endures extreme smog conditions

Paris France is more prone than other European cities to smog because of its high number of private car drivers and use of diesel fuels. A long week of high temperatures followed by cold nights, and lack of wind has blanketed the city in a thick cloud of smog. Restrictions have now been introduced to reduce driving and the city is offering free public transit to people to help curb emissions. Air quality is at it worst since 2007, and is currently rated as high as both Beijing and Shanghai for number of particles in the air. NEWS LINK





New Delhi overtakes Beijing for worst air quality.

Air pollution in New Dehli this winter is considered 60 times highter than considered "safe" by the Indias Centre for Science and Environment. Although Beijing has the reputation for worst air quality world-wide, recent studies show that a critical bad air day in Beijing is about an average day in New Dehli. NEWS LINK

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New website is live.

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